In this episode, we interview Fay Chan from Budgeting123 who shares some invaluable methods to take control of your finances and steer you towards the path of financial freedom.

Budgeting 123’s success comes from solid financial fundamentals; they will leave you feeling clear & empowered about your numbers giving you a peace of mind & a sense of direction about your financial position.

FREE DOWNLOAD:  As an added bonus to kickstart you on the path to taking control of your money, download the Spend Buddy for FREE. The Spend Buddy acts as a “pause”, an “intervention” to help you think about your potential purchase. Keep it in your wallet, and let Spend Buddy help you spend better!

WBS is dedicated to promoting and supporting women in business. The WBS podcast is here to provide you with invaluable information that you can use to break through to the next level in your personal & business goals.

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Check out this episode!

Fay Chan WBS Womens Business Society Podcast

Check out this episode!

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