WBS Podcast Episode 15 – 10 Steps to Create a Strong Content Strategy for Social Media

With Maree Sortino from The Social Secret



In this episode, the Womens Business Society interviews Maree Sortino from The Social Secret, who takes us through 10 steps to create a strong content strategy for social media.

It’s something that most entrepreneurs struggle with – let’s face it, its hard to create the necessary volume of interesting, original content, week in, week out. Maree is an expert in her field and this interview gives you a much deeper insight into creating a winning strategy.

Connect with The Social Secret


WBS Business Listing: https://wbsociety.com/listings/the-social-secret/
Website: http://www.thesocialsecret.com.au/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_social_secret
Email: maree@thesocialsecret.com.au

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