WBS Presents Networking Event Feb 16′ Guest Speaker #1

WBS Kylie Stewart coaching

Kylie will be discussing

How much are your habits costing you? 

Kylie Stewart  will be empower you with an understanding of why we do what we do and how to change our habits for better health & business outcomes.


About Kylie

Kylie is the founder of Kylie Stewart Coaching. During her successful eighteen year career as a health & fitness specialist, she discovered early that there was much more to achieving a healthy and happy life than just diet and exercise. Eight years ago Kylie furthered her qualifications and began working more with her clients’ mindset and when combined with physical movement the results were amazing. Kylie is delighted to have discovered a career that brings together all that she is passionate about and that empowers her clients’ with the tools and knowledge they must have to feel ALIVE and live a healthier, happier life.

Kylie is a highly experienced, dynamic and energetic coach and trainer who holds qualifications in Health, Wellbeing, Business and Personal Coaching as well as Personal Training. Kylie’s passion, personality and profound belief in people’s ability to make positive, lasting change in their health and happiness are what create her clients to achieve AMAZING results. Kylie has firsthand experience of leading, empowering, educating and inspiring thousands of people to explore their potential, discover their inner-champion, and create their best life.

Kylie played squash at an elite level with the Victorian Institute of Sport and being ranked in the top 100 female squash players in the world has given Kylie a unique level of understanding, perspective and insight into the areas of achievement, the power of the mind and commitment that are required for exceptional success. Her experience makes her stand out amongst coaches and trainers as a role model who really does walk the talk.

Through being an athlete and working with many clients, Kylie ‘gets’ that creating better results in our world is not always a fun, quick, easy or painless process. She knows how amazing it is to truly achieve what we are capable of and the success of having dreams become reality. Kylie will challenge you when needed, encourage, support and inspire you towards excellence and peak performance. She is a person with a great capacity and passion to partner with you to succeed. Kylie’s vast experience, both inside and outside of the sporting arena has equipped her with the knowledge, skills and understanding of how to successfully coach and train others to overcome their fears, explore their potential and to create truly amazing results.


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Fireup Coaching – Teaches  Personal Trainers and Healthy Professionals http://fireup.com.au/about-us/our-coaches/kylie-stewart

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