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I have been in business for over 20 years in various forms from a hamper business to my current position as a Mortgage Broker.!


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I have been in business for over 20 years in various forms from a hamper business to my current position as a Mortgage Broker, I have a very supportive husband (luckily!) who has always understood my need to be my own boss, plus a son who has been lucky enough to get plenty of time with his Mum!!  I spend 15 years in corporate positions before deciding I wanted to take control of my life and have never regretted a second!

Tell us about your business

I can help my clients save money, find the best possible product to suit their needs and will travel the distance with them and beyond. My customer is anyone who either wants to buy a home or investment property or already has!

Please tell us what being a business owner means to you and why you became one in the first place?

I wanted to live a life that included the challenges of a business but allowed me the time to do the other things I love – whether that be family, social life or interests. I don’t do well being told what to do.

What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?

My father, he ran his own business my whole life and was the hardest working person I ever knew.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

Starting a whole new career/business at 50 and making a success of it!! It’s never too late!Aussie loans

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers?

Persist until you have exhausted every possibility – then realise when it’s time to change.

What has been the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your business?

Facebook groups – being part of the community online.

What is one thing have you learned as a small business owner that has served you well over the years?

That I can do whatever I put my mind to and that the best decision I ever made was to back myself.

Are there any resources or tools you’d like to share with other small business owners that have helped you run your business?

Not really, pretty self-taught.

Do you have any new projects coming up (or have you just completed a big project ~ reached a milestone, etc.)? If so, please tell us about it.

I had a desire to become a Trainer at Aussie – helping new brokers achieve their Cert IV Qualification and leave training with the best chance…I recently started exactly this!! Very excited about it!

What do you do for fun/relaxation?

Really thought provoking documentaries, dining out with friends/family, warm holidays

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  1. Persistence
  2. Vision
  3. Self-belief

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

My son’s health – he has epilepsy – we have found excellent medical staff who keep him safe

What makes you happy?

My family, little children, my cats

What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?

I could have made a lot more money working for other people in the early days, but my life would have been much sadder.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years?

In 10 years will be mentoring other brokers, in 20 years lying on a beach

What book has inspired you the most? (OR What is your favorite book?)

Any autobiography – everyone has overcome challenges

How do you measure your success in business?

Satisfaction, sense of helping others, and the money to set up my future

Do you have kiddies if so how many? And what is their favourite activity to do with you?

I have one big boy who is nearly 23, we still hang around together a lot and for that, I am very grateful.

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