WBS Interview – Tina Horwood from Body Fit Melbourne

WBS Interview – Tina Horwood from Body Fit Melbourne.
“I began my own business in 2013 following my own weight loss journey. I fell in love with the fitness lifestyle and wanted to help other women achieve their weight loss and health goals”


Meet Tina from Body Fit Melbourne



Body Fit Melbourne is a great place to get fit, improve your health and regain your body confidence. We are not about getting skinny, we want you to be strong in both body and in mind. I truly believe that when women feel good about their bodies they are empowered to go out and achieve their life purpose.

We all have very busy lives, and at Body Fit Melbourne we use high intensity interval resistance training to make sure that you have an effective workout every time. We can help you with weight loss, strength training, functional training, and toning. We will guide you with your nutrition and empower you, through our education events, to make healthy choices and to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.



Why and when did you start your own business?

I began my own business in 2013 following my own weight loss journey.  I fell in love with the fitness lifestyle and wanted to help other women achieve their weight loss and health goals.


What does being a business owner mean to you?

It means freedom!  Freedom to set my own term, freedom to work where and how I choose and freedom to design my future for me personally and my family how I want.  It means being around my kids during their early years, and feeling the satisfaction that my business is what it is because of me.


What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?

My very first business coach has been the one who has influenced me the most.  It was my very first year in business, and I had no idea what I was doing or how to really even run a business, but she believed in me.  She encouraged me to dream big and showed me how to implement steps to make those dreams a reality.  She gave me confidence in myself and belief that what I had was of value.  It has been 2yrs since I’ve spoken to her, but still I hear her voice in my head.


What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

Playing a significant part in changing the life and health of a local Mum of two.  Jade, a 36yr old mother of two came to me ten months ago. Jade was morbidly obese weighing in at 100.8kg.  She suffered health issues such as PCOS, severe incontinence and irritable bowel syndrome to name a few.  She was unhappy and unable to participate in the lives of her active children.  Simple tasks like getting off the couch was only possible with the aid of a walking stick. I helped her to understand good nutrition and introduced her to effective exercise.  She has lost over 30kg and no longer suffers any health concern.



What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers?

To know and value your value.  Once you value yourself, your time, your talent and your knowledge, others will value it too.


What has been the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your business?

Being the face of my business and being present in-front of my target audience has been the most effective way I’ve found to market my business.  Stepping out from behind the computer, creating valuable content and getting in-front of the camera/video had by far been the most effective for me.


What is one thing have you learned as a small business owner that has served you well over the years?

Having been in business for only a short time, surrounding myself with business owners whom I admire and respect is vital to the success and growth of my business. You can learn so much if you are willing to listen and take action on the advice they are willing to share.


Do you have any new projects coming up? 

My project this year is to create a series of education events that will help people to understand what it means to eat healthy, and how they can implement that in their busy lives.



What do you do for fun/relaxation?

I like to read and go on outings with my little family, discovering new places and just hanging out together.  Call me crazy but my ultimate downtime experience is to spend an uninterrupted hour or so in the gym, it is completely different to the environment I’m in every day, and it is a space that I just love.


What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

I think you need to be good at time management, know how to understand finances, and know how to network effectively.


What fears have you faced in business? Have you overcome it/them? How do you manage fear?

I have faced the fear of asking for the dollar amount that I want for my service.  In the early days, I would always discount, give away free sessions etc.  Once I learned to value myself and my time, it changed the way I approached the finances in my business.  Now I confidently charge what I believe I am worth and no longer give away so much of my time for free.

I have also faced the fear of selling my services and talking about what I do.  These days, I still sometimes stumble, but I am getting better at it.  I manage my fear of this by reminding myself that there are people who need what I can offer and that if I don’t tell them, they may never hear about it.


What are your top 5 goals you want to achieve by the end of 2017?

By end of 2017 I would like to achieve;

  1. Securing 15 speaking engagements
  2. Create and launch an online program
  3. Build a tribe of 10,000 followers
  4. Achieve a 6 figure income
  5. Create a nationally sought after health & wellness event ‘Fighting the FAT’



What makes you happy?

Seeing my clients achieve their health and fitness goals and making changes in their lives that empower them to life their life purpose.  My kids – they can also drive me nuts, but watching them flourish and imitate what I do is priceless.


Have you had to make any sacrifices whilst running your business? If so, what are they?

Sleep would have to be the biggest sacrifice – having a young family, juggling the responsibility of being mum and running/growing a business often means working on my business late into the night while they sleep.


Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most and why?

I admire Samantha Jansen and her business Platform 4 success.  She is a very generous woman and genuinely wants to help other business owners succeed at what they do.


Where you see yourself and your business in 2-5 years?

I see myself on the national stage, sharing the message of health and fitness with women who are frustrated from years of dieting.  Running Fitness retreats locally and nationally.



What book has inspired you the most? 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – it is a great story and has a great message which changed my perception of how you view money in life and business.

How do you measure your success in business?

For me, it is the number of lives that I can impact positively.  The legacy that I can leave years after I have touched someone’s life.   My financial success naturally flows when I focus on achieving these other milestones.


Where is your dream destination to go for a holiday and why?

I would love to go to Canada.  Because it is beautiful, and I have this romantic notion that the Mounties in their red uniforms are to die for… lol


What is your favourite inspirational quote?

Dream. Believe. Achieve ~ my own quote, we all have a dream, if we believe in ourselves and our dreams enough we will achieve it!


What are your top 5 business tips?

  1. Surround yourself with people you want to be like
  2. Be flexible – sometimes doing things a little differently can bring you the results you’ve been slogging away to achieve.
  3. Be the face of your business – let people know who you are, people buy people not products.
  4. Be open to learning – personal and professional development will help to grow your business
  5. Love what You Do – if you are passionately in love with your product or service you will naturally attract the right people to you.

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