The Allure Concept

The allure concept

I’m Lainie.

I’m turning 30 this year (eeekkk).

I have 2 girls, a 6 year old & a 4 month old.
I live in Pakenham, Melbourne.
I’m a makeup artist.
I’m studying Diploma of Beauty Therapy.
I run The Allure Concept.

I started my own business as a makeup artist, (in the industry, we call ourselves MUA’s) in 2012 after my mum got really sick with cancer. At the time, I was looking at going back to work, but once she got sick, that was no longer an option for me, as I wanted  (and needed) to be at home with her. So instead of going back into a job, I decided to create my own work. Something that I could do around mum, and my daughter. I’ve spent time building this into something that is just for me. I love it, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. And I believe, sometimes, things pop up in your life for a reason, instead of focusing on all the negatives that I was surrounded with, and there were a lot. I started the biz as a distraction and a place to go if I wasn’t coping with the realities of the situation.

My mum was in an induced coma in an ICU. She was so sick she was hooked up to 6 or more different drips going into different veins in her body. We spent many days and nights unsure of what the outcome was going to be. Every day. Every night, we were in there. Talking to her, singing to her, laughing with each other. Reminding her of the things she had, in some ditch effort to wake her up. After about a week. She did. But she was very, very sick and in a lot of pain. We continued to spend the next 3 months, in that hospital with her, every day. I even slept (well tried to) in an extremely uncomfortable chair in a room on the surgical ward with her. I can’t stand hospitals. I become really anxious and panicky when I’m in them. So much so that I left the hospital only 19 hours after giving birth to my youngest, simply because I couldn’t handle being in there (the same hospital).

She then had 3 more very serious turns in which she ended up back in surgery. She had 3 surgeries within 48 hours and again, things became touch and go. And again. We were there. Every day. Every night. In intensive care. No words can describe the level of fear, panic and isolation you feel when something as critical as life and death is dangled in your face.

Focus on the positives. Listen to the doctors. Understand what they’re saying. Talk to her. Keep talking to her, because when you do her blood pressure stabilises. She can hear you.

Life wasn’t normal. It was so abnormal I barely remember any part of August 2012 through to mid 2013. But it was in those months that I focused my positive energy, in fact, most of my energy into building the business. It provided me sanity and a way to keep looking towards the future.

Now, mum is healthy and we got her back. I thank each and every family member, friend, doctor, nurse and even a taxi driver who prayed for her while I was screaming and crying in the back of his cab to get me to the hospital ASAP. Without those people, my life would be very different now.

This business allows me to get up in the morning, get my girls ready, drop my 6 year old at school, come home and work (or try to with a 4 month old), keep my house neat, get dinner organised, pick up my daughter from school, do bath time, reader, homework and tuck them into bed. All those boring things that I used to complain about, which now I cherish because I understand how precious life really is. If I had to go back to work, most of that wouldn’t be possible. It would also mean, I would be more tired and grumpy (well, grumpier…)

This business has plans for expansion, so that one day, I can offer opportunity and training to other MUA’s, student photographers and many other roles that are involved in The Allure Concept. Once we establish ourselves in a permanent residence such as a salon or studio, I look forward to being able to offer training and experience to new comers to the industry so that I can give back.

I truly cherish and adore my followers, fans of my page, website visitors, clients and anyone who reads my posts, you are all helping me to live the life that I want and keeping a mum at home, with her kids! I hope you will all continue to support me and recommend me to your family and friends as that alone is the lifeblood of this business. I couldn’t do this, if it wasn’t for all you and your kind word of mouth.

Thank you!
Kind regards,

Lainie Porter – Makeup Artist & Beauty Director

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