WBS Interview – Desanka from Live and Learn Therapy

Live and Learn Therapy offers Counselling, and specialised counselling combined with early childhood education and consultation


DeCONTACT NAME: Desanka Ogrizovic-Grech

POSITION/RELATION TO BUSINESS: Practitioner- Counsellor and Early Childhood Educator/ Founder of Live and Learn Therapy- Sole Trader

CONTACT NUMBER/S: 0449927575



1.      What is the most important thing about your business?

I want my practice Live and Learn Therapy to be known around Melbourne. Marketing is very important but more so the recommendations I receive from clients. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool out there. The more people know about my practice the better I can provide my services. Honesty and excellent customer service is very crucial in any business.


2.      Please provide the full name and job title of someone who we can quote in article.

Desanka Ogrizovic-Grech- practitioner (counsellor & early childhood educator), and founder of Live and Learn Therapy.


3.      Give a detailed description of the types of goods and /or services offered.

Live and Learn Therapy offers two services: Counselling, and specialised counselling combined with early childhood education and consultation.

Live and Learn Therapy provides counselling in the following areas:

  • Anxiety
  • Adolescent issues: bullying, career progression, etc.
  • Parenting skills
  • General day to day issues

The specialised counselling and early childhood education/consultation focuses on providing x 2 counselling sessions: an introduction and a follow-up and in between I go into the family’s home and provide a practical consultation with the treatment plan discussed in the first counselling session. I provide routines, parenting skills, what to expect with babies and young children in the areas of sleep and settling issues, and basic breastfeeding/bottle feeding issues, etc. Being a parent is quite challenging, overwhelming but also exciting as each developmental milestone is different from the last. Counselling helps families open up about their anxieties, issues, and concerns in order to provide the best possible treatment that will suit the family’s needs.

Live and Learn Therapy also provides group sessions about infant and toddler sleep. In clusters of age groups 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 1-3 years. Expressions of interest are being accepted now, please email me on [email protected] with your name, which age you’re interested in and suburb you reside in to be put on my waiting list. Venues will be booked upon sufficient numbers of attendance.

Please see my website www.liveandlearntherapy.com under services for the prices.


4.      What is your point of difference from other businesses of a similar nature?

Live and Learn Therapy was designed to be outside the box so to say. There are so many counsellors out there where they do not provide education and practical skills in someone’s home especially in the area of infant and toddler sleep and settling issues.

Then you have the early childhood parenting centres: sleep schools and mobile sleep schools. I found that although these places and business are wonderful in what they have to offer for families, I as a counsellor have found that families come in; their issues with sleep and settling are taught, for some they work for others they don’t. They then receive a follow up call. Live and Learn Therapy aims to not only provide just a solution based program rather help clients delve deep into their feelings and thoughts in order to gain an insight of what is happening in their lives. Ongoing counselling is available should the client require it.


5.      How long has the business been established. Tell us a story of its background.

Live and Learn Therapy was formed in April 2013. I have worked with children for 9 years and their families in childcare and in a sleep settling clinic/ early parenting centre in Melbourne. Being a mother of one child who turns three in September, I found that I could work from home and go mobile to fit around my needs for my child. A lot of mothers know what is like to juggle work and family commitments. Working for others was a wonderful experience and met a lot of wonderful people and children, but I felt I couldn’t combine my counselling skills and early childhood educational skills together it was either one or the other. And I know in life that you need learn so hence Live and Learn Therapy was born.



Desanka Ogrizovic-Grech


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