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I would like to introduce Alli Price from Motivating Mum. Alli is one of the most passionate and caring women in business I have the had the pleasure to meet. I have attended a Motivating mum networking session in Spotswood. I was very impressed by the motivational support but also business support you receive at a networking meeting with Alli Price and the passionate mum’s that attend. I recommend if you need to support whether it might be to get another mum’s in business opinion and ideas need motivational support and networking opportunities get in touch with Alli in the above contact links. You will be in very special hands when joining the Motivating Mum family.



How long has Motivating Mum been in business? 6 years – in England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia


Describe your service? Motivating Mum is a website and events service offering support and advice to mums in business (or those wanting to be).


Mums can get inspiration and education through phone mentoring with established mums in business, articles and features, an online forum, a job and business board and more.


Events are currently held in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Ballarat, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and coming to Orange. Come to morning teas to hear inspiring speakers, brainstorm sessions to work on your business, Businessmums Clubs for great networking and referrals and workshops to top up on your knowledge.


High and Lows of running your own business?430713_355075004537118_2146823656_n


The highs are:


  • being able to work around my kids so I can be there at school events, do school drop off and pick up and look after them in the day,
  • creating something all of my own instead of making money for someone else
  • being able to be creative, organised and intelligent all at once
  • when I get an email from a mum saying that I have helped her – it’s exactly why I do what I do.


The lows are:


  • working from 8 – 12pm every night and still not getting everything done – it is the hardest job in the world
  • working for nothing for at least two to three years as every cent you make goes straight back into the business470396_355763567801595_2058579373_o


Business plans for 2013 you would like to Share/promote.


I am organising MotherJumpers again – mums jumping out of planes for charity all around Oz on the last weekend of November – and we would love for mums to join us!


I am also running four day sessions for mums in business in 2013 (in addition to all my usual Biz Mums Clubs and one-off events) that are designed to help start-ups get off to the best start or those at the ‘what next?’ stage of business. You can see further info here: http://www.motivatingmum.com/business-networking-a-events/master-mums


What are some highlights in your business so far?


My main highlights are always those involving mums thanking me for helping them – it’s just so exciting every time I know I’ve helped a mum. Setting up in Australia after UK was also fab – I became a global business with plans for further expansion!


One piece of advice to other mum’s who run a business and struggling with motivation and confidence? Connect and network with other mums in business – it will help you define your USP as you’ll be introducing and reintroducing it, you’ll get great feedback, recommendations for suppliers, support for your ideas and the knowledge you’re not the only crazy one!


If you are isolated by geography or circumstance, a chat with a mentor once a month will be fab for refocusing and batting your ideas about. Mentors at Motivating Mum are only $32 for 30 minutes and are so, so worth it.


How many kids do you have? I have two gorgeous little minxies.299059_505299149514702_476545291_n


What is favorite flavor ice-cream? Homer Hudson, Chocolate Rock – the blackest chocolatey-ist ice cream you’ve ever eaten!


Stay Beautiful and may 2013 be an awesome year for you and your business – Alli Price


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