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photography by Ramona Lever Photography

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Women & Weights

A statement that I have heard over and over again from female clients is “ I don’t want to bulk up”,  but for women, it is virtually impossible to look like the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger (unless you’re taking something you shouldn’t be!) We simply don’t have enough testosterone to gain bulk.

I was one of those gym members who shunned lifting weights for many years preferring to run, cycle, swim or wear my tight fluorescent leotard for high impact & “step” aerobics.  My best friend and an experienced personal trainer introduced me to weight training after having children and I became hooked! My body (not my weight on the scales) has changed so much. I have gone down two clothing sizes and now have muscle definition and strength which I love.

I was inspired to become a personal trainer so that I can educate women on how weight training will help them achieve their long term health and fitness goals.  The benefits include:

1.  You will lose body fat! Lean muscle raises your metabolism so you will burn more calories all day long.

2. You will gain strength and develop muscle tone and definition.  It goes hand in hand with point one.  By decreasing your body fat you will develop a nice lean & toned physique that can also pack a punch!

3. You will decrease your risk of osteoporosis. One in three women will be at risk of this bone disease but weight training increases your bone mineral density.  The force of strong muscles pulling on the bones, stimulate them to lay down more minerals. Ensuring you have adequate calcium & vitamin D intake is also important.

4. You will improve your posture. Strong muscles hold and stabilise your bones and joints and will improve your body’s posture both at rest and during movement.

5. You will decrease your risk of diabetes.  Not only does it fight fat that puts you at risk of the disease but it improves your sensitivity to insulin so your body has an easier time moving sugar from your blood stream to your muscle cells.

6.  You will decrease your risk of heart disease. Together with regular cardio exercise you can lower your blood pressure to reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

7. You will have improved moods, less stress and better sleep patterns.

Whether you use your own body, weight machines, dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands, hopefully this article will get you pumping those muscles and one step closer to better health and fitness.

Melissa Moorfoot



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