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I have never written a blog before so why not start now?


It is hard to get my head around on what to write but once I start it gets easier.


How many of you feel and experience this?


I can start by introducing my private practice Live and Learn Therapy and the reasons why I wanted to start my private practice.

Live and Learn Therapy was formed to provide a service that provides counselling and early childhood education to families, couples, and individuals.

Counselling is a great place to come and open up to someone who is non-judgmental and willing to listen wholeheartedly to you the client. There may be times where the client may be confused about a personal issue, need someone to vent to, or need assistance in their lives. Our in office and Skype counselling services offer what you need. Some people prefer face to face counselling others prefer online. There is no right or wrong answer.

Have you ever felt that no one could or would understand you? I know I have felt that way. This is normal as we are all human and we all experience this at some point in our lives. Therefore it is good to talk to someone.

Our early childhood education service is a consultation based service where families attend our office or via Skype if you live far away from our practice. During these consultations I the practitioner go through a little bit of counselling to find out what the issue is. We help in aspects such as setting up custom made routines for your baby/toddler to help them with all aspects of their development. We specialise in infant and toddler sleep and settling issues, basic feeding queries, and other topics.

Another aspect of our service that we provide is follow up calls and in-home visits for issues of a complicated nature in regards to infant and toddler sleep and settling issues.

Issues that I have experienced throughout my career are for example : “my 10 month old wakes constantly throughout the night” and ” my toddler will not sleep in their own bed” etc.


Who can relate to any of these issues?


We come into your home and go through the routine and educate you on how to put your baby/ toddler to sleep. We show you and then allow you to practice this with us there to give you support.

People seem to be more comfortable being taught in their own home as opposed to going into a foreign environment.  Others are basically not fussed either way so to say.

For some people; counselling face to face can be quite intimidating if you do not know the person. That is why we offer counselling and consultations via Skype. We want to cater for everybody.




After 4 qualifications and ongoing training, working in childcare and in early parenting centres I decided it was time for me to put all my experience and skills to practice and work for myself to provide assistance to all.

Working for others has been a truly wonderful experience but since having my daughter Katia who is turning 3 very soon, the work hours were not really working for me. Being young as well had its disadvantages as others took the credit for my hard work.


How many of you have worked in places where you felt unappreciated?


I believe that regardless of age, gender, skills, race, etc. everyone should be respected and appreciated.

Being a parent of a young child enables me to truly understand certain aspects of what parents go through in the here and now. I have helped many families over my time and will continue to do so.


For more information please go onto www.liveandlearntherapy.com

Our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/liveandlearntherapy


Our Facebook page is filled with updates and resources from reputable websites. As we know that we are all time poor for searching for particular things. Therefore our page provides this for you.


Happy reading,


Desanka Ogrizovic-Grech

Live and Learn Therapy


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