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If you are experiencing issues with your bubs- feeding/sleeping etc or need to keep to a routine not sure how? I at Live and Learn Therapy can assist you.


Becoming a parent for the first time is a life changing experience that is filled with a range of emotions. Can you remember what your emotions were when you found out that you would become a parent?

I for one was excited, and at the same time nervous. Nervous as when my pregnancy went by, so did the horror birth stories. Very rarely someone said to me “just relax you will do well”. I expected the worst. Then some parents to be  attend antenatal classes- labour is discussed, labour positions, how to wrap and bathe a newborn.

What I found was that very little about infant sleep was discussed. I wish I knew what I know now about sleep back then. All my studies didn’t prepare me for what my life would be like in the first year of my daughters life. Sleepless nights, frequent feeding the works.

Babies start off feeding every two hours then stretch out to 4-5 hourly feeds by 4-6 months old. After 3 months of a babies life stretching out a feed slightly overnight is more beneficial as baby will feed better during the day and have overall good sleep both day and night. Example if baby feeds 3 hourly during the day stretch it out to 4 hourly feeds overnight. This then teaches bubs to learn to sleep overnight. Settling, resettling, persistency and consistency is the key to success.

Some organisations suggest feed on demand, some people suggest this also. Some people feed and over feed their babies believing “oh if I top up my baby he she will sleep better”, “if i keep my baby awake all day they will sleep better overnight”. While all this may be suitable for some people it may not be for others. The more sleep bubs has during the day the better sleep they have overnight.

From my own personal and professional experience keeping to a flexible routine, focusing on bubs sleeping better will help bubs feed better and interact better. Sleep is beneficial for growth. Sleep improves  cognitive function in everyone. Babies can only take in milk and solids so much- think of the size of their fist slowly getting bigger overtime.

Stay tuned for more information on suggested routines, baby tired signs etc.

If you are experiencing issues with your bubs- feeding/sleeping etc or need to keep to a routine not sure how? I at Live and Learn Therapy can assist you.

I provide one on one counselling to get to the root of the issue then I provide you with a plan and show you what to do followed by another counselling session follow up. I come to you.

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