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I’ll get straight to the point. I get tired of my family asking me – What are we doing today? What is happening on the weekend? When is my friends party? Everyday they ask th same questions. Well it’s about  time in my family they stop relying on me when there can be a simple solution. I have three boys aged 10, 9 and 5 years old. They have a busy social and sports life and the calendar space on traditional calendars does  not fit a family of 5 daily schedule.

Problem solved!  How about a calender that each person in their family can have their own space. But all on the one calender. I  need to know what someone in my family is doing for example at 4pm on a Friday before I can book myself for something. So it makes sense to have us all on the one calender.

Tomfo sent us this calendar  to trial it out and see how it works for our family. We have been using it for a month now and it has definitely helped keep us on track of our busy daily life. I have my own diary for work but this calendar allows our whole family to keep track of parties, sporting games, night outs, family night, meal plans, bills and all the things busy families write in a calendars.

The child in me love’s the stickers that come’s  with the calender. So, one downside I fight with the kids cause I want to sick them on and want the sticker to be straight and neat. But I just need to get over that and let them take care of their own column and ill look after mine. So, that is another great idea of how you can use this calender. You can teach your kids to be responsible for their week and keep track (of course with help) of what they have on and have fun with the stickers.

The TOMFO – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser I would recommend to all families. It is slick and stylish to hang on the wall and keeps the whole family on track. I hang our calender in the kitchen where the whole family can see. If they ask me when something is on, ” check the calender” I say.

You can purchase the TOMFO Family organiser online or check out links below if your interested in the calender as a fundraiser for an organisation or school.

If your not in the market for a calender I would still recommend to you to check out TOMFO website. It is full of DIY ideas, easy recipes, and great tips on how to organise your home. ENJOY www.tomfo.com

Family Organiser


  • Month at a glance family planner
  • One column for up to 5 family
  • Includes 368 stickers to mark holidays, school terms and special events
  • Features 12 graphic prints
  • Size 30cm x 60cm unfolded

Interested in fundraising for your school or organisation with TOMFO for 2014?

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