Kathy Bennett is our October Mum of the Month!
As with all our MotM awards, we asked Kathy some questions about her business and how she juggles that and being a Mum.
What’s your business?
Here2bhelpful- Personal Concierge/Lifestyle Manager
How long you have been in running?
12 months.


How many kids do you have?
I am blessed with one gorgeous daughter- Mollie Rose who is 14
What are the high and lows of running your own business?
The highs are:
  • Being my own boss – and having a business which l absolutely adore and know that l am good at – it is great to have the opportunity to follow your passion
  • Work my own hours/work flexibility is very rewarding
  • Having my own business affords me the opportunity to make my own decisions and allows me to make a difference in my own life, my families and of course my clients.
  • Often running Here2bhelpful doesn’t feel like work because l am having so much fun
The lows of running my own business:
  • Need to ensure l stay motivated and positive during the quiet times in business-
  • I need to be self discipline and self motivated by scheduling required tasks and being productive with my time
  • Sourcing and marketing can be tough on an initial start up shoe string budget.
  • Educating the general population on what it is l do – what is a Personal Concierge? Generally l am your “go to girl”-l can assist in completing that task you may not have time for…and so much more.
One piece of advice to other mum’s who run a business and struggling with motivation and confidence?
When you are beginning to think of setting up your own business- make sure that you are doing something you love and know you are good at. For myself it was knowing that l am good at helping people- which l think comes from my long nursing background, l am patient and organised.
It is simple really- Find your Passion and run with it- If you love what you do, it wont seem like work at all.
Is there any other information about yourself that you would like to share with your customers to help them connect with you?
Here 2b Helpful is a local Melbourne based business.
The idea for this business has been created out of the premise that others can always use a helping hand. The business idea was put on a hold for a few years whilst l was raising my gorgeous daughter Mollie as a sole parent and caring for elderly parents- but now is the time and the journey is just beginning.
l have a long background in nursing and midwifery- where time and organisational skills are essential to cope with everyday pressures. l also has a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations. I love helping people from varied walks of life and this is the perfect business where l can utilize my many skills, whilst making my clients life easier. Here 2b Helpful is passionate about the service we provide- we take the time to listen and understand our clients individual needs.
When I am not being “Here2bhelpful “, l can be found at Geelong Hospital researching osteoporosis, fractures and vitamin D in children, coordinating a networking Group – heart Link in Pt Cook and my most important and rewarding job of all… being the best mum l can be to beautiful Mollie. Together we make a wonderful team with her beautiful daughter Mollie , 2 dogs Squeak and Charlie and one very sleepy cat- Rosy.
Memberships include- ANF(Australian Nurses Federation) ,I CALM (Insitute Concierge and Lifestyle Management) , Current working with children check and police check.
Thanks Kathy!  Take a look at Here2bhelpful if you haven’t already been there.

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