…and the winner of Mum of the Month for November is… Jenna-rae of LEXI AND LILY!  Find out more about Jenna-rae’s fantastic business in our in-depth interview below.


What is your Business? 
Lexi and Lily – Online Baby and Children Boutique
How long you have been in business?
8 Months
How many kids do you have?
1- Lily Carole 18 Months old going on 5
What are the highs and lows of running your own business?
  • To watch my little biz grow from one strength to the next knowing that all my hard work and dedication is paying off!
  • To be able make my own decisions and to be my own boss creating a business that I am so passionate about!
  • Seeing how happy my customers are when they know they have just purchased something totally amazing! Nothing really beats a happy customer.
  • A big one is defiantly being able to spend more time with my little girl and fiancé which I feel so blessed to be able to do.
  • Yes you are able to choose your own hours, though generally those hours are very long mixed in with house cleaning mummy duties and other daily chores. As I’m writing this my lovely little family are at the door asking for lunch! Don’t burn yourself out make sure you get in those ME days. 
  • Getting your head around marketing and PR and were and how you should advertise your business can be very daunting and frustrating at the start, but there is so many networking groups, blogs and amazing pages like Mum pages out there to help you so don’t give up! If need be take a break and then tackle it from another angle give yourself time to learn (portfolio period).
What’s one piece of advice you’d give to another mum who runs a business and is struggling with motivation and confidence?
You have already taken the biggest and most scariest step of all by starting your own business! Always remember that spark  that made you start your own business. Remind yourself of the fire you had in your belly when you first made the decision to start your own biz. I believe it is so important to really know your target market so that you can serve/provide them with the best your business has to offer.
Is there any other information about yourself to share with your customers to help them connect with you?
Lexi and Lily have fast become a big part of my family! My gorgeous little Lily is the tester and my spunky fiance is my market assistant, postman, flyer delivery boy and so much more. 
I have such a strong passion for the baby and kids retail industry and just love it when I find a wicked clothing range or product that is high quality but isn’t going to cost you a small fortune to buy. I heart Australian designers and enjoy finding up and coming clothing ranges or products that I can introduce to my customers who I know will love them as much as I do. 
I made the biggest decision to quite full time work and take on Lexi and Lily full time. It has been the most scariest decision that I have ever had to make and I am so glad I did it. It still amazes how far my spark and passion has gotten me in the last 8 months and I am so thankful to my family every day for the support and encouragement. 
At Lexi and Lily we’ve got kids designer clothes online, including pretty little girls clothes and gear that your little guy will love getting into. Beautiful bibs, bath time products and back packs for “big school”. Educational toys that are FUN! We’ve got your birthday parties and baby showers covered! So come and have some fun, play, learn and love…kids stuff from Lexi and Lily.

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