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SoooBeautiful brings you a range of Skin Care Products for all skin types & Aromatherapy products for your home.  SoooBeautiful products are made from naturally derived plant ingredients and are free from petroleum derived products.

The face and body scrubs are made with pure 100% Himalayan rock salts plus Pili’s Secret blend of oil & spices.

The face and body moisturiser are made with Super EFA, a synergy of the finest virgin and essential fatty acid including Rose Hip and Evening Primrose. With the addition of Vitamins A,D,E plus Pili’s Secret essential oil blend.

For the Body & Mind we offer a Body Massage like no other. With The Holosync Meditation sounds, the SoooBeautiful Massage will give your nervous system a powerful stimulus with a strong effect on your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Himalayan Rock Salt Contains 84 Natural Minerals and Trace Elements. Himalayan Rock Salt will rejuvenate the human skin by supplying vital trace elements directly to the surface.

Salt and water contact freshens the skin and open pores while tightening the outer layer of the skin, which may help hide signs of aging. Opening pores of the skin increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to the epidermis (outer layer skin ). Himalayan Salt is known to alleviate skin allergies and psoriasis.

The SoooBeautiful Skin & Body Scrub is made with Himalayan Rock Salt and Pili’s Secret blend of oils. The scrub may be used everyday for Beautiful looking Skin.

We carry a wide range of products to suit all skin types, especially mature skin.

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