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Together at The Yummy Mummy Club we exist to help and support busy mothers who want to get into shape, feel more energised, stronger and more focused than ever before. We help mothers achieve this through our unique ‘Makeover’. A straight-forward and effective plan specifically tailored for mums and females of all ages to lose the weight they may have gained during pregnancy, or that has crept up on them while they were busy living life and nurturing their gorgeous kids.

But, it’s not simply about getting back into a bikini (although you may want to flaunt your gorgeous body after you are done with the program!) We are about a holistic lifestyle change that easily slides into your busy schedule, incorporates your whole family, and doesn’t cost the earth. And most importantly, leaves you feeling Strong, Sexy and like a true Yummy Mummy!

My name is Efa,

I am head trainer and owner of Tee Yummy Mummy Club in point cook.

We launched on the 14th of August and running sessions for females/mums out of boardwalk Boulevard Reserve in Point Cook.

I am a PT and have over 5yrs experience in the industry training females for young to old and all fitness levels and abilities.

My aim is to help females and mums around the area get back into or continue with their fitness goals.

I am a mum of 5 myself and know how hard it can be to exercise with kids as our lives are usually always took up with kids activities etc.

I also know first hand how hard it can be to lose weight and get fit again after kids.

I will attach pics of myself and my achievements

All females of all fitness levels offering a free session to try.

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