Melbourne EA Group

Maximising the talent of Melbourne’s most passionate EA & PAs

Led by award-winning EA Carmel Bond, Melbourne EA Group (MEAG) is a professional development and support group exclusively for Executive and Personal Assistants.

With over 600 of Melbourne’s most dedicated assistants already on board, MEAG connects EA & PAs to a huge network of like-minded professionals from high performing local companies.

MEAG is where members come to thrive. In this highly engaged community, every member is committed to expanding their skills, adding maximum value to their organisation and, in turn, making a real impact to business growth and revenue.

MEAG membership

Through a combination of online resources, networking events and professional development workshops, MEAG provides members with the tools, support and inspiration they need to excel.

  • Connect instantly with over 500 other EAs and PAs through the members-only database
  • Access discounted training and events, designed especially for EAs and PAs
  • Practice new skills such as public speaking
  • Attend live career workshops with special guest speakers
  • Gain access to some of Melbourne’s best venues for site visits

Most of all, a MEAG membership helps EAs and PAs feel supported in what is often a solitary role. MEAG is the perfect platform for EAs to bounce ideas off other members, identify new business opportunities, and learn new ways of working to improve efficiency and encourage growth.

Big business benefits

MEAG is all about informing, inspiring and empowering members – with ripple effects that flow all the way through organisations. From increasing productivity to championing change, MEAG members make big contributions to corporate culture.

  • Confidence to seek out and implement new ideas
  • Relationship building with a new network of business contacts
  • Effective communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • Strategies to save time, money and resources
  • An infectious, positive attitude that inspires peak performance among colleagues

How to join

MEAG memberships can be purchased quickly and conveniently online. Simply head to or email [email protected] for more information.

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