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My name is Anna. I have created an online fashion accessories out of passion for fashion, art and craft. We have very unique bags (wide range in material and affordability), purses (wide range in material and affordability), wallets and kid’s wallets (wide range in material and affordability), fascinators (wide range in material and affordability), scarves and shawls (wide range in material and affordability), jewelry (wide range in material and affordability), shoes. We really do have some beautiful and unique products which are designed in Europe with wonderful colors to make a person feel really unique.

We specialize in modern craft jewelry creating and following fashion trends. All production is handmade in Australia. We are a new business, however we care for the environment and try to re-use many pieces to create beautiful things with a lot of passion.  Elaborating into this trend and caring for the environment, we have created services such as up-trend and re-design to ensure as a business and community we leave fewer footprints on the environment; and reducing the cost of following fashion.

Being part of the community and helping the community is one of the most important things for the existence of this business. In 2017 as soon as we started to build up the business and operate, we have helped a few good causes such as: Cuddle Cot Charity to raise money, we support Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria. In the future, as we expand operation we will expand our assistance to the local community and hopefully global community.

About myself. I have a longtime experience as a registered nurse and worked in many specialties. My latest specialty and love is Mental Health. I also hold a double degree in Management and Accounting from Monash University. My real passion is to help people and put a smile on a face; hence I created a business that I believe just does that.

We have created many avenues to find us and our products       

  • http://www.1giftworld.com.au/
  • email: [email protected]
  • https://www.facebook.com/1GiftWorld/
  • https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/1GiftWorld
  • https://www.instagram.com/1giftworld/
    ebay: 1gwjk
  • https://au.pinterest.com/onegiftworld/pins

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