June ’13 WBS Business Woman of the Month – Carolyn McMillan from In2LifeFitness

Mum of the Month June 2013 – Carolyn McMillan from In2LifeFitness




Carolyn McMillian

Facebook: In 2 Life Fitness

Website: www.in2lifefitness.com


What is the story behind  your business name?

I believe in training people so that they can enjoy life now and into their older years without being reliant on the health system, or medications.

In 2 Life Fitness came about as I want people to be able to get into life, now and forever!!


How long  have you  been in business?

My business started in April 2012, so I am just over 1  year old!


How many kids do you have?

I have one 9 year old daughter who is very accommodating allowing Mum to train clients after hours when needed.


Highs and Lows of running your own business?


  • Seeing my clients transform, not just physically but also emotionally.  When they start to feel the benefits of increased fitness and losing some excess weight, their confidence grows and they shine.  They really do become different people in a positive way.
  • Working with some amazing clients who make me proud every time they reach a milestone.
  • Being able to work from home and work the hours that suit me and any other commitments I have, also allowing me to still do school drop off and pick up where needed.
  • Not having to face the peak hour traffic



  • Working long hours, starting very early and finishing quite late most nights.  To get a business up and running is hard work initially, but I know that all the planning and work that is being done now will make it easier down the track.
  • Sacrificing some family time due to working outside the normal 9-5 job hours.


Future goals for your business?

  • To increase the number of people I can help during my 8 week Body Transformations – I have seen some fantastic results so far this year, with every participant reaching their goals and enabling them to lead more active lives with their families.
  • To introduce more nutritional assistance to my clients.


What are some highlights (success) in your business so far?

Getting my first 8 week Transformation up and running in January this year, and seeing every participant lose weight, lose cm and gain strength and fitness.  100% success rate for the first Transformation really made me proud, not only of all my wonderful participants, but also of myself, seeing the rewards for the hard work I had done and knowing I had a positive effect on people’s lives.


One piece of advice to other mum’s who run a business and struggling with motivation and confidence?

Planning, planning, and more planning.

Ensure you have a daily file for each day of the month, and put tasks in there as they need to be done.  That way you only look at what needs to be done today and don’t end up wasting time on tasks that are not yet important.  It keeps you focused on what is a priority over what might be easy but not yet required.

Also, remember there are others out there who can offer advice.  Just because you feel overwhelmed doesn’t mean it can’t be done, it may just need to be done differently.


And any other information you would like to share

Being a working mum is hard, being a working mum working for yourself is even harder.  I love that we have a great network of working mums who can help each other out, share their advice and work alongside each other where needed.


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