Event – EFOY Special Event


On the day you will need to bring along a pen, paper and your business cards to share with the group and $2.50 for morning tea. Before the event ensure your business is listed on www.wbsociety.com. Any questions please email me cazz@wbsociety.com

Come and join us on Friday, 31st July for a very special Women’s Business Society networking event to celebrate the end of the financial year.

But more than celebrating the EOFY, we are celebrating the NFY (New Financial Year), and the many NEW possibilities that we can create over the next 12 months.

Happy NFY Ladies!

During the two hour event, we hope to give you a renewed energy – an energy so positive that you’ll realise your goals can be raised, and your dreams need to be bigger! To do this, we have organised two very exciting key note speakers.

Our first guest on the day is David Hale Sylvester (www.davidehalesylvester) who is an incredible philanthropic, cross continental bicyclist-author-filmmaker and highly sort after speaker! Check him out on Facebook The Human High5.

Since losing a friend on 9/11, David has bicycled thousands of kilometres across North America, Africa, Asia & Australia with the mission: to enhance the world one meeting, hug and high-five at a time. His best-selling book ‘Traveling at the Speed of Life’ is now used as part of the curricula at seven universities across the USA. Read his book here : http://www.amazon.com.au/Traveling-Speed-Life-David-Sylvester-ebook/dp/B0054K92Q4

It’s not where he’s gone on his bike that creates the magic within David’s amazing story, the magic is seen by what he’s achieved far beyond his bike. But the most beautiful thing about his story is that the magic can be felt by listening to him speak, or even reading his book, leaving you to wonder what you can achieve far beyond your ‘bike’…

Our second guest is Fiona Redding The Happiness Hunter(www.thehappinesshunter.com) and Business Addicts an inspirational life and business strategist, consultant, mentor, podcaster, brilliant speaker and self proclaimed business addict!

As an holistic visionary, Fiona’s gift is to get to the beating heart of your life purpose and business strategy. She helps set your direction and map out the steps you need to take to get you there, whilst empowering you with the strategy, tools and mind-set shifts required to live an abundant, successful life with passion, joy and meaning.

Fiona wants you all to create a life that plays to your strengths and your passions, as well as enabling you to be your best in every arena of your life.

Cherie McKay (www.cheriemckay.com) who has previously spoken for the Womens Business Society (you can hear her talk via the #BusinessAddicts Podcast (www.businessaddicts.com/20) will be the guest host for this special EOFY event. Check out her business The Memory Supply Co.

Drawing from her own personal and entrepreneurial endeavours, Cherie will be sharing with us couple of short stories relating to facing fears (not spiders) and business planning, integrating her usual brutally honest, but often very funny take on things.

With the MAGIC of David’s story, the GIFT of Fiona’s advice, and the HONESTY of Cherie’s words, you’re going to be set to make the 2015/16 financial year your best yet, ‘biking’ further than ever before!




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