“The Way of the Feminine is my passion and purpose.  It is the way in which I express my deepest heart desire to assist women of all ages to find a deeper connection to the woman and feminine within.  Through the offerings of The Way of the Feminine, I seek to facilitate experiences that allow women to hear the calling of their heart, to what is yearning to be heard. To be nurtured, encouraged and held in a safe space in order to rediscover their dreams, desires, sensuality and joie de vivre.  With young girls I seek to help them build a strong inner foundation as they begin their journey as a woman – a way of them seeing the true beauty of who they are before they enter the challenges of their teenage years.  My hope is to give these girls wings to help them fly and soar, in search of their dreams and living lives that are authentic and true to their inner beauty”


I am a writer, tour host and young girls & women’s wellbeing advocate.  I offer weekly Meditation for Women sessions, a small boutique tour to Paris and Provence for women and workshops for young girls & teens that aims to show them where their true beauty lies.  I also offer Seichim energy healings and Akashic Record readings.  My aim is to reconnect women with the woman within and for women of all ages to strengthen the presence of their feminine.


What is the story behind your business name?

To be honest, when the idea came to me re: my business I played around with a number of names and went to sleep knowing that when I awoke the next morning, the name in my head was going to be the right one.  And, I did literally wake up with “The Way of the Feminine” in my head, in fact if I remember correctly, I woke up a couple of times during the night and the words were going through my mind – so clearly the Universe was adamant about the name I was to use!



How long have you been in business?

I registered my business in November 2012 but officially launched it on 8 March 2013 – International Women’s Day, which was pure coincidence.


How many kids do you have?

I have two precious boys; one aged 10 and one 7 1/2


What is something special your kids like to do with you?

I was surprised when I asked them this question.  Their answer was “hugs and just being together”


Jody’s favourite ice cream flavour

Oh that is a hard question as we have so many great ice cream shops here in Melbourne with amazing flavours.  My favourite if I have to pick one would be Hokey Pokey from Jock’s in Albert Park.


Jody’s go to food

My favourite would be Italian – put a plate of delicious antipasto in front of me any day and I am one happy woman.  It would be followed closely though by French food and roast lamb.


High and Lows 

The highs would be being in total control of all aspects, being able to go with the flow, having the flexibility of where you work and how many hours you invest in it.   Another high is that you can choose to turn your passion into your work and therefore it doesn’t seem like work anymore.


The lows would be isolation, especially if working at home all the time and of course a big one is the financial concerns in the initial years of setting up and getting your business flowing.



My future goals for my business include publishing my first book and following it up with a companion book to the My Secret Garden workshop for girls.  I want to reach a global audience for young girls, take the workshop into schools and I would love to increase the number of tours I do in France each year.  I believe France is the perfect country for a woman to connect with herself and to awaken and strengthen her feminine.


Highlights (success) in business 

Having the courage to put together my Paris to Provence: A Woman’s Journey tour and being in France last year on my own to put the details into place, meet the people who will assist me and finalise my research – it is a country where my soul is at peace and I can’t wait to share it with other women.
Watching the young girls who have participated in the My Secret Garden workshop, continue to connect with their garden and use it to balance and centre themselves as they face the daily challenges in their lives, as well as receiving feedback about them using affirmations daily and finding confidence in who they are.  It has been so rewarding for me and is confirmation that the workshop is of great value and much needed.


Why did you choose to work in this field?

I knew for a few years before I started that I would work with women in a way that would make a difference – it was a knowing deep within me.  I just did not know what form it would take but knew that when I found it, I would recognize it and know it to be true – that happened on the Melbourne Cup weekend in 2012.  The idea, the business name all came out of nowhere and I was filled with great joy, excitement and deep passion – this business is my purpose.


What is your biggest challenge being a female in business, how did you overcome this?

For me my biggest challenge is remaining true to my feminine self – going with the flow, trusting in my knowing, allowing things to flow and be revealed when the time is right.  This doesn’t really go with the masculine idea of business plans, budget forecasts, marketing plans etc! I really rebel against all that which most people will be horrified to hear – but I am simply being true to who I am.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have an overall idea or plan but I don’t restrict or limit myself – I leave room for magic & surprises!!


One piece of advice to other mum’s who run a business and struggling with motivation and confidence?

Just do one thing every day, big or small, to take you forward in your business, never lose sight of what your heart knows to be true and surround yourself with people who believe in you and what you are wanting to achieve.  Sorry that is more than one!


My top 3 tips for women in general:

  1. Find your passion – the thing that makes your heart sing and brings effortless joy into your life – the rest will fall into place
  2. Be true to you and remember that you were first a woman… before you became a wife/mother/grandmother… don’t forget her or her dreams
  3. Embrace and connect to your feminine – it is your true power and what the world needs… the love, the wisdom, the inner strength, the nurturing… living in the flow, listening to your intuition – all of it matters and is important.  There is enough masculine energy out the you.

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