Our January Mum of the Month is Eryka from Looking Forward Counselling!
What is the story behind  your business name?
Looking Forward Counselling came to me when I was driving with the family back from Sydney – not only was I enjoying driving whilst my husband and girls were sleeping, my business evolved in that time. It was like all things aligned and the name and motto all sat right, felt right and encompassed what I wanted my business to be.  Looking Forward Counselling – Acknowledge the Past, Embrace Today, Look Forward to the Future.  It was at this time I knew that what I envisioned was what I should be doing.
How long  have you  been in business?
The business although in development for a good 8mths prior, went live with the website January 2010.  So January 2013 marks entering into my 3rd year.
How many kids do you have?
I have two girls (6 ½ & 4), they show me daily that life is to be lived and when things are too much to back off and take in the moment that you are in 🙂
High and Lows of running your own business?
The highs of running my business is that I can be true to my morals, values and ethics.  That I have made one of the biggest accomplishments in my life that has me happy, content, confident in my ability and is a constant reminder that I am doing what I am suppose to be doing.
Lows are  – staying on top of everything, sometimes the balls do start to fall which tells me there is too many to juggle so reassessing and giving myself my time to refuel.  Feeling rushed to get things done before starting work (I mainly do evenings/weekends) and not seeing my husband except for the hi/bye at the front door.  W


hen my girls give me the look and tell me they don’t like it when I go to work.  Being in early stages of the business money is a low, so it’s ensuring that I am not in debt and that what comes in goes back into the business to keep it going.
Plans for the future for your business?
Future plans are to run more workshops on mindfulness and how to use it in your every day.  To see more clients once my youngest is at school. To be an active board member for the not for profit organisation Support for Mums & their families. To remain true to my values and always remember why it was I wanted to be a counsellor and be the best I can be.
What are some highlights (successes) in your business so far?
Having the opportunity to answer these questions for Mums Pages, successfully hosting and organising ‘A Night Out for Support for Mums’ Aug 2012 where 100+ women celebrated who they were, pampered, fed, plenty of chances to win great donated prizes
What’s one piece of advice you could impart to other mum’s who run a business, and may be struggling with motivation and confidence?
Cliché, but if you believe in it keep going. Join a networking group as you will connect with like minded people and there is empathy and support.  For me spending the money on the networking group (Bloom Networking along the Mornington Peninsula) over advertising at this stage serves me well, as I too am still learning to be a business owner, and being surrounded by others who are also new or been in business for years you always walk away with something valuable.
Is there any other information about yourself that you’d like to share with your customers to help connect with you?
My work background since 1995 has been in customer service, administration, case management, youth counselling, volunteer work and studying which has all lead me to be owner of Looking Forward Counselling.
As a counsellor and psychotherapist I work with individuals, couples that may be struggling with relationship pressures, parenting transitions & adjustments, stress, frustration, sadness, anxiety – whatever is not sitting right with you it can be worked on.  Learn strategies to assist you and start the healing process.  For more information on Looking Forward Counselling you can go to www.lookingforwardcounselling.com.au.

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