How long you have been in business?
7 months
How many kids do you have?
2 gorgeous boys. Lucas 2 and Thomas 3 months
What are the highs and lows of running your own business?
The highs are that I’m doing something I love to do. I always wanted have a professional career in food. I wouldn’t say that there are any lows. The pressure is definitely there though because the business requires a lot of my time and so does my family.  I always say that as challenging as it gets running a business and a family, the two balance each other. The business is good for me to have something for me.
What are the plans for the future of your business?
I have so many plans for baby bistro. We are all about healthy eating and better food choices. We will be adding to our menu each season with plans to eventually offer fresh food. We would also love to cater children’s parties.
Our plan is to have our products available at retail stores for purchase.
 Baby Bistro & Chrissy Sway
What are some highlights/successes in your business so far?
My success is being here today and having my online store and my food available to all families in Melbourne.  I started at home in my kitchen. It’s a great feeling that I can do what I love and share it and then get told that babies and toddlers love my food. We delivered to Chrissie Swan and she was thrilled.
What’s one piece of advice you’d give to another mum who run a business and is struggling with motivation and confidence?
Believe that you can do it and keep going at it. If your not sure, ask someone, or research further. It can be done. I am lucky to have a supportive husband who believed in me.
Is there any other information about yourself that you’d like to share with your customers to help them connect with you?
I am a mum who loves food and cooking. I always have. It was important that I knew exactly what went into the food my son ate so I made it myself, like most mums would.
My first pregnancy didn’t come easy and I have become more appreciative because of my experience. I am grateful for my two beautiful boys and like any mother, want the best for them.
This is for them. As well as teaching them the message of good food and good health, I want to show them that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

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