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Please share briefly what service/product you provide to your customers

Personal training & group training sessions for women


What is the story behind  your business name?

Teaching correct exercise technique is of utmost importance to me. I want my clients doing their exercises “with precision”. I think it’s also quite catchy.


How long  have you  been in business?

2 years & 3 months


How many kids do you have?

Two – Rhys is 10 & Owen is 8.


High and Lows of running your own business?

Highs – doing what I’m passionate about

– having fantastic clients who inspire me

– love the satisfaction of happy clients, enjoying their workouts, learning about their bodies, making great nutritional choices and achieving their goals

– being able to work close to home and have flexible hours

– being my own boss

Lows –  never seems to be enough time in the day

–  trying to maintain work/family balance


Future goals for your business?

New website and increasing numbers in my group sessions.


What are some highlights (success) in your business so far?

Growth of the business. I have gone from an initial 2 group sessions a week for the first 6 months to currently running 7 group sessions plus personal training clients. Referrals from my current clients have been fantastic which makes me confident that they are happy with the service I provide.


One piece of advice to other mum’s who run a business and struggling with motivation and confidence?

Stay focused on the positive aspects of your business. Prioritise your day, I find having a daily list of tasks to cross off helps keep me accountable for what needs to be done. Find a great networking group where you can meet other local business people who can share their different expertise and ideas.

And any other information you would like to share

Having your own business is hard work but so rewarding. Remember to take some time out for yourself, it doesn’t always have to be about work. Have lunch with a friend, read a book on the couch for an hour or do some physical activity. It’s important to recharge as life as a busy working mum is hectic.

 Melissa | Precision Personal Training




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