What is the story behind your business name?

Our company is called Live and Learn therapy. Our motto is: “In order to learn, you need to live”. As we are both a therapeutic and early child hood practice we believe each and every individual is continuously learning throughout their lives. We are there to aid in the process.


How long have you been in business?

Live and learn therapy was founded in April 2013. At the moment we have a Facebook page in order to generate interest from the public. We are currently in the midst of setting up the practice with renovations etc. our aim is to open our doors middle of July 2013 and get the ball rolling.


How many kids do you have?

My husband and I have the one child a beautiful girl who is turning 3 in September. Watching her grow and develop us amazing. She is a joy in our lives.


High and lows of running your own business? 

Highs: Being able to work my own hours and at the same time be with our daughter. Being able to gain satisfaction from helping people and the fact I can actually take credit for my work not anyone else.

Lows: If I am sick or child is sick I need to take time off which means no income.


Future goals for your business?


  • Group sessions in counselling and early childhood education
  • Provide presentations at Child Care Centres in regards to sleep and settling strategies for infants
  • Provide Skype consultations for interstate clients and for clients who cannot travel to our practice i.e. too far
  • Get training in sand play therapy to be able to provide counselling to children
  • Move into a medical centre or community centre office have a receptionist
  • Would love to open up a wellness centre one day


What are some highlights (success) in your business so far?


  • People showing an interest in our business through our Facebook page and through speaking to people in person.
  • Receiving inquiries about our business over Gumtree website.
  • Being acknowledged from your website mumpages.com.


What’s one piece of advice to other mum’s who run a business and struggling with motivation and confidence?

As my mother and late grandmother used to say, “You need to fight for yourself in life.  Don’t expect people to fight for you.  It’s your life”. Take a risk, work hard and fly like a bird 🙂



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