How do you list your business on Womens Business Society?

First set yourself up as a registered user. Once that’s done and you have agreed to our terms and conditions click on the Create a Listing tab (or list your business button), choose the package that you prefer and enter all your details.  Double check them before submitting! Once you have completed PAYMENT then your listing will be LIVE.  Once it’s published, if you need to edit or change your listing (adding new/different photos, content changes etc) you can do so (within the constraints of the package you chose).  Once completed, w will review your listing and send your Welcome New Member email so you can start promoting your business. 

Here is a video to help you create a listing as a NEW USER –  https://youtu.be/UzQ-HDTQGmU

Here is video to help create a listing if you’re already registered – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7DsjHFSqcw

How much do the listings cost?

BASIC$1 30 Days
LITE$5 p/m30 Days
STANDARD$10 p/m30 Days
FEATURED$30 p/m30 Days

Advertising Banners

Selecting a banner to advertise your business increases your business exposure.  Contact us for more information, and to send us your artwork and/or HTML code. Front Page LEFT sidebar banner advert – 300×300 pixel badge Footer Advertising Contact us for more details.

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Womens Business Society empowers and promotes women in business through resources, courses, events, networking and connecting.

Womens Business Society is a directory of businesses either owned, co-owned or managed by women within Australia. These talented women have all taken the brave step to start their own business and making their dreams a reality.

Womens Business Society is  a community of savvy business women supporting each other, taking action and getting results in business. We are focused and determined  women ready to take on challenges and we keep moving forward to create a business we envision to build the future we want.



By using www.wbsociety.com, you are supporting women all over Australia! Search, find and support a women in business is all you have to do to change the future of small business growth in Australia.


Thank you for using The Womens Business Society Directory – from us all who work everyday to build a better future as women in business with big dreams. Keep moving forward!

If you are a woman in business, get on board!

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If you want to take the challenge in 2017 to be a WBS expert and submit a blog piece or be a WBS Guest speaker at the next event please email [email protected]. Womens Business Society Team

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